Manufacturing & Hi Tech

Manufacturing & High-Tech industry is focusing on solutions that deliver business outcomes and address growth challenges while still keeping a check on costs. Lack of visibility in end-to-end business processes and lack of standardization outweighs considerations of cost in order fulfillment, and reduces speed to market ability. Organizations struggle to provide their customers with world-class, innovative products and services at an optimal cost to retain business and profit.

Enabling transparency and stringent process controls helps in expediting activities and improving decision making without sacrificing service level agreements.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's integrated technology and centralized common process approach helps organizations achieve business goals through Standardization and economies of scale. Our technology-enabled services help you drive strategies crucial to customer satisfaction and sustainable growth.

These include:

  • Revenue recognition: Reduced cost-to-serve, cost avoidance and efficiency gains; speed to market; improvement in cycle time
  • Customer experience: Improved customer satisfaction and retention through first call resolution; reliable product delivery and reduction in errors; ability to address complex customer needs more quickly and with fewer data
  • Innovative technology solutions: Greater transparency; end-to-end operational and data visibility; single source of information for reporting and analytics

Our service is designed specifically for business stakeholders in areas such as Order Management, Returns, Customer Service and Fulfillment.

  • Value Offered


    Cost reduction

    • Right Shore Operations
    • Process Excellence
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Reducing Cost-to-Serve
    • Driving Cost Avoidance

    Process efficiency

    • Streamline processes and reduce complexity - Improved Cycle Time & RFT
    • Drive Standardization
    • Predictable and Consistent Service
    • Best in Class Benchmarking

    Business Outcomes

    • Cost Optimization - Increased revenue and cash flow - cost of order
    • Significantly improved efficiencies with automation and continuous improvement
    • Enable Self-service / eliminate touch
    • Customer Experience Improvement
    • Scalability & Flexibility
    • Personalized and Exceptional Customer Service
    • Build Retention / Loyalty
    • Improve NPS / CSAT

    Key Differentiators

    • Tailor-made Solutions
    • People, process excellence, delivery and technology levers
    • Expertise in fulfillment, assurance, revenue management with industry specific solutions
    • Analytics driven business process platform - Base)))™
    • Solutions focused on business outcomes, not just cost arbitrage