Sales & Marketing Services

In the Oil & Gas sector there is little differentiation in the product being sold by the different companies. This makes it difficult but imperative to develop a loyal customer base and communicate effectively with the customer. The socio-economic spread of the customer base is very broad, making it imperative for any campaign to be adequately differentiated to appeal to the target group. This is where Wipro can provide support to the marketing arm of any Oil & Gas company ensuring that the company is effectively able to reach out to its existing as well as potential customers and keep them engaged.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro offers support to downstream Oil & Gas companies in navigating the ever changing waters of direct and digital marketing, starting from strategy and planning, through execution, measurement, and optimization. We cover the entire marketing life cycle through predictable services support and global delivery. Our Sales and Marketing Service:

  • Provides relevant intelligence and data analysis around company, industry, trends, markets, competitors and forecast for help in creating overall sales and marketing strategy
  • Enables effective reach through creative content and communication
  • Improves connect with consumers through multi-channel campaign
  • Enables multi-channel loyalty service delivery to ensure consistent member experience at low deployment cost

The different services that Wipro offers include:

  • End to end campaign management starting from planning of campaign to execution through various media connects, tracking of campaigns, analysis of response, triggers and touch points and comprehensive reporting
  • Data services including data acquisition and aggregation, data cleansing and management and various kinds of data analysis
  • Business research including company and industry research, business intelligence, online research and monitoring, panel management
  • Market research including qualitative and quantitative research
  • Content and creative services like creation of content, website creation and updation, managing all marketing communications like brochures, flyers etc., managing creative and rich media like 3D concept design, animations etc.
  • Loyalty program management starting from member enrollment to managing regular transactions, accounting, billing and reconciliation and vendor management for fulfilment operations
  • Enhancing Customer experience through services like web self-service, social media management, next generation chat support etc.