Land Administration Services

Land administration is a critical and complex business function in the oil & gas industry. With the involvement of various kinds of leases, contracts & agreements, multiple stakeholders with numerous interfaces & linkages, complex documentation having legal & financial implications and various regulatory requirements around the process, it becomes imperative to ensure a smooth and streamlined process for effectively handling all the complexities.

Wipro’s Land Administration Services enable streamlined processes, smooth information flow and timely data updation, ensuring complete visibility as well as compliance to corporate reporting requirements.

How Wipro Helps

We provide support to upstream Oil & Gas companies for all administrative activities related to land acquisition and development. Our Land Administration Services help you:

  • Improve regulatory performance through streamlined management of all land related data and ensuring timely payment
  • Improve stakeholder relationship through effective management of communication, timely payments, coordinated action
  • Ensure compliance to different contracts and agreements through effective document management, legal support in interpretation, efficient tracking

Wipro with its experience in the Oil & Gas industry processes helps you effectively manage the various land administration requirements.

Our services include:

  • Agreements and Contract management: Data abstraction with regard to the various contractual terms and conditions, configuring alerts and notifications and tracking of action items, interpretation of legal documents, exception based review and approval, work flows and version control
  • Payables Management: Maintaining payment calculations and schedules, processing payments including leases and royalties, payment to regulatory agencies, reconciliation and reporting
  • Coordination: Coordination with different stakeholders including land owners, communities, regulatory agencies etc., tracking for complaints and grievance resolution, handling communication and queries, maintaining logs of all relevant discussions
  • Document and Data management: Digitization of all legacy documents, updation of land management system with relevant data, GIS data upload and maintenance, document discovery, indexing and cataloguing of documents
  • Compliance and Audit Support: Data management and reporting for various compliance and regulatory requirements, tracking and monitoring of scheduled activities, support compliance audits, update checklists, manage documents for ensuring compliance