Hospital Information System (HIS)

Managing the growing volume and variety of patient data and making it available to partners, regulatory authorities and payers is becoming a complex process. Failure to make the data and information available can result in poor delivery of care, resource-intensive processing of case papers as well as regulatory action.

Wipro’s Hospital Information System (HIS) seamlessly automates the Clinical, Revenue, Administrative, Operational and Inventory functions. The fully-integrated information environment delivered by our HIS can interface with a wide variety of Picture Archiving and Communication¬†Systems¬†(PACS), handheld and mobile devices, RFID, biometric devices, smart cards, lab. equipment and third party applications.

How Wipro Helps

Key Features:

Wipro's HIS is broadly focused around Clinical Management, Revenue Management, Patient Administration and Support Services. The various components of the service enable dependable patient support along with delivering business intelligence (BI) to care giver functions. Its features include:

Business Intelligence: Analytical engine and statistical tools provide BI to senior management across dashboards; supports accurate and quick decision-making.

Consolidated Patient Information: Creates repository of clinical data and presents an integrated view of patients; allows doctors to track care and prescribe treatment/ tests with minimal effort.

Standards Compliance: Supports international coding standards such as ICD-10, conforms to various imaging standards such as DICOM and uses HL-7 for communicating with 3rd party systems.

Flexibility: Designed to align with care giver's organization and adjuvant solutions such as lab, radiology and cardiac solutions.

Data Availability: Ensures data is available across modules based on user privileges.

Localization: Currently available in English and Arabic versions; can be localized based on care giver organization's needs.

Deployment Options: Can be deployed in centralized, decentralized, hybrid models.


Wipro works with over 300 hospitals serving over 5 million patients in India and the Middle East. It is ranked top amongst the 'Fastest Growing HIS Business' by Healthcare Informatics. The broad experience brings several unique benefits to care givers through its HIS:

  • Improves quality of care and reduce costs
  • Online access to medical records
  • Improves quality of clinical documentation
  • Better control of billing and inventory
  • Cut down patient waiting time
  • Better managerial decision making
  • Meets statutory compliance requirements

Key Success Stories:

  • For a Government Corporation, India: Wipro created one of the largest medical record databases in the world for a statutory corporation under the Government of India. The network spans 150 hospitals and 1,400 dispensaries.
  • For a Care Provider, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Wipro reduced patient waiting time by almost 25%, reduced claims processing time from 60 days to 10 days and enabled annual savings of 120,000 pages only for UCAF printing for a 300-bed hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • For a Care provider, India: Wipro reduced OPD billing time by over 70%, improved billing accuracy by greater than 12%, reduced planned admission time by over 35%, reduced unplanned admission time by over 50% and reduced discharge time by over 62.5% across 8 locations by implementing 34 HIS modules.