Assure Health

Mobile medical devices are ensuring remote step-down care environments for patients, thereby lowering medical costs without affecting the quality of care through continuous monitoring of patient vitals. However, to be most effective, these devices need an integrated platform that seamlessly delivers data, alerts and assistance to patients and care givers alike. Critical to the success of these devices is their availability, to care givers and patients, in a variety of affordable business models.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's next generation Assure Health platform is architected to integrate any medical device with the healthcare ecosystem. The Assure Health platform is designed to enable scale while improving care quality with an affordable business model. The benefits include:

  • Quick, simple roll out
  • Easy plug-and-play set up - lightweight, patient friendly and convenient solutions
  • Affordable pay-as-you-use model and continuous monitoring of patient
  • Reduces frequent hospital visits by patient, thus freeing up limited and valuable hospital resources
  • Event-based trigger systems provide timely alerts, improving care quality; Enables scale by monitoring several patients in real time
  • Integration with HIS/EMR
  • Allows care givers to remain on the move while providing access to patient condition, improves care giver productivity

The cloud-based solution has an independent database and monitoring and alerts systems. It is a future-ready platform that assists care givers in staying remotely connected to patients, making care more dependable, accessible and affordable. It can integrate any medical device.

We design the solution and system components based on requirements of healthcare practitioners. Currently, solutions for maternal and Cardiac Care are available and have been deployed.

Maternal Care Solution: Wipro's Maternal Care Solution enables remote monitoring of fetal and maternal wellbeing. The small, wireless, wearable fetal-maternal device uses the Assure Health platform for continuous monitoring and viewing of patient parameters such as blood glucose, blood pressure and hemoglobin levels.

Key features of the Maternal Care Solution:

  • Patient friendly and convenient design - does not use a belt, natural birthing position
  • Uses abdominal electrodes to monitor fetal ECG, maternal ECG and uterine EMG
  • Able to monitor obese women overcoming limitations of Doppler monitors
  • Loss-less, on board data storage
  • Low-power design
  • Smart phone/ tablet app for monitoring and viewing patient data and records from device and HIS/ EMR

Cardiac Care Solution: Wipro's Cardiac Care Solution enables 24X7 remote monitoring of patients with cardiac and other chronic conditions in step-down care environments. The device uses the Assure Health platform and continuous ECG Waveform to monitor heart and respirator rate, activity and fall and arrhythmia. It enables care givers to take timely action for high risk patients.

Key features of the Cardiac Care Solution:

  • Patient friendly and convenient
  • Small form factor, non-obtrusive, lightweight
  • Loss-less on-board data storage
  • Rechargeable battery with 24-hour back up
  • Connects with and integrates multiple medical devices (SPO2 monitor, non-invasive blood pressure monitor, thermometer, glucometer, digital weighing scale, spirometer)
  • Smart phone/ tablet app for monitoring and viewing patient data and records from device and Hospital Information Systems (HIS)/ Electronic Medical Records (EMR)