Wipro HCIT

Wipro Healthcare IT (HCIT) Solution enables providers to deliver superior patient experience, while managing costs, by integrating and streamlining care delivery and operations, and by leveraging digital and smart device technologies for enhanced patient engagement.

How Wipro Helps

  • HCIT enables the digital hospital evolution using Hospital Information System (HIS) platform; it provides next-generation patient experience using AssureHealth™ platform. It provides insights on decision-making and benchmarking to healthcare providers through Wipro Healthcare Analytics.
  • HIS is aimed at simplifying and streamlining the management of hospital operations and service delivery.
  • AssureHealth™ enables remote health monitoring and effective delivery for maternity and cardiac care management.
  • Wipro Healthcare Analytics creates metrics on a number of parameters using hospital data to help providers make better decisions related to pricing, patient flow management, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • The healthcare landscape is undergoing transformation with a rise in patient costs, loss due to inefficiencies and wastage, and a shift of focus from volume to quality.
  • To address this changing landscape, we have been making patient engagement as a key priority in healthcare solutions.
  • HCIT envisions enabling providers in the healthcare value chain to deliver seamless and comprehensive patient experience through its integrated and patient-centric solution.
  • HCIT has created a global footprint by touching 8 million patients, supporting 30,000 beds in 128 hospitals across 30 cities in India, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.