Way2Go-Travel & Expense

Companies spend roughly 7–10% of their annual budget on travel and expense management, which significantly impacts their financial performance. At the same time, digitally-savvy employees expect a consumer-like experience from their enterprise services. That’s why it is imperative to have a smart Travel and Expense management system to contain spending while ensuring an intuitive and convenient digital experience for users.

Wipro’s Way2Go Digital Travel and Expense is a one-stop platform that offers an end-to-end travel management experience to corporate travelers – from booking flights, accommodation and ground transportation, to expense management – all on the go. It also offers advanced analytics to provide enterprises valuable insights into their travel and expense trends.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s Way2Go is a truly personalized travel platform in an enterprise context with best-in-class fulfillment capability. It provides a comprehensive digital Travel and Expense  solution for companies, streamlining booking of tickets and hotels, simplifying expense settlement, and enabling reporting on post-travel insights. Way2Go also offers:

  • Seamless self-booking of flights and hotels
  • Travel fulfillment
  • Expense claims and settlement
  • Configurable rules engine for policy compliance
  • Detailed insights and analytics

Key benefits

The Way2Go app is a Cloud-based digital platform that provides a secure and easy to use Travel and Expense solution for the enterprise traveler. Key features include:

  • Intuitive UI with a rich UX for all user groups
  • Quick and hassle-free expense claim and settlement process
  • Contextual notifications and alerts to travelers
  • Advanced and predictive analytics to enable smarter decision making, detailed reporting, and deep insights
  • Customizable themes to reflect clients’ preferences through color and data field modifications
  • Highly configurable rules engine to integrate complex organizational travel policies
  • Cloud-hosted for easy accessibility, scalability, and higher uptime and security
  • Seamless architecture integration with enterprise ecosystems through API calls for faster responses and easy implementation
  • Highly-developed travel fulfillment capabilities