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Base)))™ : Analytics Driven Business Process Platform

What is Base)))™ ?
A platform that helps Customers achieve substantial benefits in outsourced processes by improving:
  • Process Efficiency
  • Effectiveness​
  • Governance
  • Control & Compliance, and
  • Provides End-to-End Automation


The Base)))™ product suite
Base)))™ product suite consists of the following core components:
  • Base)))™ Prism (Analytics) – for Diagnosis and root-cause-analysis (RCA) of non-performing KPIs
  • Base)))™ Harmony – a Business Interaction Design Platform
  • Base)))™ Core – for Operations Process Execution, and,
  • Base)))™ Govern (Analytics) – for Monitoring KPI performance  Governance, Control & continuous Improvement
  • Base)))™ Recon – a Reconciliation engine, particularly for Investment Banking solutions
Base)))™ gives you:
  • Prescriptive Analytics & Diagnosis of KPI non-performance
  • Execution engines & Collaboration
  • Governance & Monitoring
  • Control, Compliance & Audit trails
  • Transparency & Visibility
  • Flexibility & Custom Solutions
  • Detailed Reporting

The Base)))™ Analytics products (Prism & Govern) offer the following:
  • Detailed dashboards – with Actionable insights
  • Pre-built Root Cause Analysis and detailed drill-down paths
  • Corrective strategy recommendations
  • Outcome and Process Centric Metrics
  • Quick turnaround time – 2-3 weeks – with proper data
Learn how Base)))™ Analytics (Prism & Govern) helps your business
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