Smart Applications

In this digital age, technology significantly impacts how business is done. Technologies such as autonomous agents, Internet of Things (IoT), and APIs are changing the application estate of the future. Today, applications must have the capabilities to leverage these technology shifts, meet the changing user expectations, and address dynamic business needs. ‘Smart applications’ are enabling this and changing the way applications are designed, consumed, and maintained. We believe these Smart Applications will drive the next generation of innovation and differentiation, as organizations plan their future transformation agenda.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s vision of future applications is what we call 'Smart Applications'. Smart Applications are autonomous, context aware, intelligent, and secure. We bring ‘smartness’ in applications in the form of intelligence, responsiveness, and dynamic capabilities in virtually all aspects of our customer’s application estate.

Our four pronged approach to deliver this includes -

  • Smart Interactions
  • Smart Processes
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Platforms

We bring you smart applications through the following ways:

  • Smart Interactions: Smart interactions can help humanize applications by enabling conversational bots, ambient interfaces and augmented and virtual reality.
  • Smart Processes: Smart processes improve the agility of business processes by leveraging adaptive BPM, cognitive automation and robotic process automation.
  • Smart Security: We leverage a non-traditional approach to security with data intelligence, adaptive authentication and other such methods that ensure safety of the business.
  • Smart Platforms: Smart platforms help to rethink 'systems' as 'platforms', by leveraging APIs and Microservices. The underlying purpose would be to use these platforms to provide differentiated business capability and rich customer experience.