Enterprises today need to manage complex application landscape in addition to digitally adept end users who are increasingly adopting technologies such as the Cloud, mobility, and analytics. Application testing has therefore evolved into quality engineering and business assurance. In fact, business assurance plays a significant role in building and protecting brand reputation.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you improve organizational resilience by delivering end-to-end quality engineering and assurance services. We help you mitigate technology challenges and focus on creating value for you and your customers. Our suite of automated service offerings is powered by intelligent insights coupled with a focused innovation approach. Moreover, industry specific solutions ensure you achieve positive business outcomes. Wipro helps you:

  • Enrich user experience with greater emphasis on performance and security using end-to-end test cycle automation
  • Match the pace of disruptive trends and cater to both old and new age world applications
  • Improve flexibility and time to market while reducing capital expenditure
  • Optimize application quality by using a shift-left approach to quality assurance and quality engineering
  • Adapt to regulatory and compliance changes such as FATCA, Dodd Frank, IDC 10, HL7 and BASEL III

We offer quality assurance capabilities in the following areas:

  • Risk and compliance assurance: Provides industry-focused point solutions to ensure adherence to regulations such as FATCA, BASEL III, SWIFT, HIPPA, ICD10 and Health Level 7.
  • Digital and mobility assurance: Accelerates digital transformation in commerce and marketing through omni-channel and content assurance as well as improved user experience (UX).
  • Quality engineering: Helps you move upstream and use non-traditional practices to build quality engineering into applications. Our services also assure the code base, reduce the probability of defects towards the end of the release, and validate the application for expected behavior level.

Our key platforms and solutions for quality assurance include the following:

  • AssureNXT: Addresses the needs of bimodal IT with a next-generation managed services quality assurance delivery framework built on a foundation of tools, IP, and best practices
  • IntelliAssure: Improves predictability in application quality, reduces cost of quality, and drives better productivity using Wipro's next-generation intelligent quality platform powered by Wipro HOLMES
  • QA-as-a-Service: Enables on-demand result-oriented (pay per use) test cycles ordered and managed using an online platform (self-service). It is delivered through Wipro’s QA capacity (crowd and specialized Centre of Excellence).