In today’s competitive business environment, the first mover’s advantage is measured in days rather than months. While enterprises are developing innovative products and services, the real competitive advantage lies in taking them to market quickly. Adoption of Lean methodologies such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery offer several benefits, especially for new age enterprises. These capabilities help reduce the cost of quality assurance, mitigate risks and increase customer adoption for enterprises.

How Wipro Helps

We help businesses enhance competitiveness by reducing their time to market and minimizing their risks. Leveraging our capabilities in hybrid ERP, Open Source, DevOps and cloud, enables enterprises to become more agile and efficient.

Our solutions include:

  • Agile to DevOps
  • Open Source
  • Cloud

Accelerating time to market requires rapid application changes. Our agile development methodologies and choice of deployment options are designed to bring speed into your business environment. Our suite of services and solutions include:

  • DevOps: Our enterprise DevOps framework is built around four key pillars -technology augmentation, process harmonization, culture building and organizational change management. We have partnered with our customers in executing DevOps throughout its hype cycle. From being an automation discipline for release management to an enterprise wide culture, the evolution of DevOps has helped us align our DevOps framework with the expanding and evolving scope of ‘DevOps’. With this framework, we partner with our customers in their DevOps journey, specific to their definition and maturity of DevOps.
  • Open Source: Our Open Source service leverages pre-built solutions and best practices to accelerate adoption. Our technology plays a key role in eliminating high licensing costs, product dependencies, and vendor lock-ins while improving performance.
  • Cloud: Our cloud application portfolio includes industry-specific solutions such as patient centricity portal for health care organizations and energy efficiency management portal for our utility clients. Our services and solutions include CRM modernization, cloud apps advisory, customer experience (CX) journey engineering, CRM modernization, and F&A modernization. Our capabilities also include app development and rationalization, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT).