Quality Engineering

Continuous delivery is the theme around which organizations function today. Adding functionalities, features and experiences to continuously deliver software on a regular basis is the need of the hour. Continuous testing is a prerequisite for continuous delivery in order to assure quality and rich end user experience.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Quality Engineering Service (QES) specializes in integrating application assurance with engineering of applications, ensuring continuous integration and deployment. Through QES, we engage the entire IT organization to:

  • Prevent defects by infusing assurance early in the SDLC
  • Enable business change initiation by engaging business teams
  • Measure impact to business along with process and product metrics
  • Key Features of our Service

    • Seamless communication with DevOps and business to drive faster feedback incorporation
    • Enabling continuous integration/continuous deployment, DevOps through continuous Testing
    • Quality analysis in architecture, design and code
    • Complete automation of Test, data, services and environment in sync with build and deploy
    • Right mix of tools and framework, including commercial, custom and Open Source

    We delivered through QES

    • Higher Code Coverage
    • Defect Prevention
    • Shorter Release Cycles