Industry Solutions

Industries such as BFSI, Health and Life Sciences, and Energy and Utilities have extremely stringent compliance regulations in place as they have a large risk factor associated with them. These compliances are mandatory and without which organizations cannot do business. Any violation of this can lead to costly legal implications. Regulatory and compliance initiatives are constantly updated to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders involved. There is, thus, a need for organizations to update and align to these changes, as and when they occur, in a speedy manner.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Testing Service offers a wide range of regulatory and compliance specific solutions that ensure that your organization is up to date with all industry-specific guidelines.

We help:

  • 100% compliance to industry norms and standards
  • Accelerate the entire compliance process
  • Reduce time to market for products
  • Key Differentiators

    • Jumpstart kit: knowledge repository that ensures a swift assurance process
    • Easily adaptable to other in- house solutions and accelerators
    • Domain specific solutions designed specifically to cater a particular industry's rules and regulations