Quality Engineering and Testing

Organizations today need to move towards a more complex application landscape as their end users are increasingly taking to consumerization through technologies such as cloud, mobility and analytics. There is, thus, a need for them to put in place a combination of enterprise applications, commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and in-house software and infrastructure. In order to assure flawless user experience, assuring quality of such a complex landscape is of utmost importance.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Quality Engineering and Testing helps you improve business resilience by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes

We combine our Centers of Excellence with domain-specific Testing tools, techniques and processes to:

  • Ensure rich end user experience with greater emphasis on performance and security
  • Match the pace of disruptive trends and cater to both old and new world applications
  • Provide flexibility, faster time to market and make businesses CAPEX light
  • Optimize application quality by bringing in shift-left approach to Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering
  • Adapt to regulatory and compliance changes like FATCA, Dodd Frank, IDC 10, HL7 and BASEL III
  • Our Key Differentiators

    • We are an independent entity with 18 specialized Test Centers of Excellence, addressing current and future needs
    • Dedicated Test Innovation Center
    • Efficient and effective intellectual properties with 75 standardized frameworks and 150 accelerators (including 7 patents) that are ready to deploy
    • Proven track record with customers, making us a Thought Leader in Quality Assurance

    Our Partners


    We have created a collaborative ecosystem by partnering with leading QA tool vendors to create a 360 degree relationship.

    Our key focus areas includes:

    • Improving customer penetration and joint global go to market
    • Co-innovation and co-creation of solutions
    • Synergistic partnership ecosystem for the future