Understand Risks

Businesses are relentlessly exposed to risks. The key objective of any organization is to address regulatory and security related risks that have a business impact. This is possible when the organization can identify possible risks and control exposure to them.

How wipro helps

Wipro enables organizations to adopt a strategy that guides people, standardizes processes, and integrates technology into every critical function. As a prerequisite to this, we enable you to address and understand risks by:

  • Aligning security risks to business risks
  • Defining measurable risk metrics
  • Aligning with changing regulatory and security requirements
  • Providing a unified view of risk

Operational Risk Management

We provide end-to-end Operational Risk Management - from strategy to implementation. We help address regulatory and compliance needs as well as gaps in risk management.

This service includes:

  • Regulatory: Basel II, Financial Service Authority's CP142
  • Compliance/Corporate Governance: SOX, Turnbull
  • Addressing business losses caused by inadequate risk management

Vendor Risk Management

Our Vendor Risk Management Service offers comprehensive risk assessment of third-party vendors.

This service includes:

  • Detailed Risk Assessment Framework (Pre-Assessment, Vendor Assessment, Post Assessment) for business alignment with vendor organizations
  • Vendor classification and grading based on areas of operation
  • Risk Profiling and Reporting