Protect Information

Data protection and privacy are of extreme importance to any organization. Industries that deal with sensitive customer data must be cognizant of how their data is classified, stored, accessed and protected. Data breaches result in huge financial losses and can cause irreparable reputational damage to an organization.

Wipro provides solutions to protect the confidentiality of data in line with the spirit of global data privacy laws at every stage of the information lifecycle.

We help you:

  • Establish well-defined process that ensures data is safe from threats
  • Prevent loss of credibility, customer trust, confidential data, IP, information
  • Minimize the threat of financial losses as a consequence of data and information breaches
  • Provide metrics to calculate losses from security incidents

Data Security and Privacy

Innovative, cost-effective and suitable solutions including:

  • Securing each stage of the information lifecycle covering information creation, storage, usage, sharing and archiving/purging
  • Ensuring compliant and safe access to business critical data to IT functions such as tester, developer, production support engineer regardless of their location
  • End-to-end implementation of enterprise content and IP protection
  • Removal of sensitive and critical data from unsecured locations
  • Compliance-based risk assessment driven by established safeguards, recommendations and processes such as PCI, HITECH, GLBA, EUDP etc.

PCI-DSS Compliance Management

Helps you achieve PCI-DSS compliance by offering:

  • A strong framework consisting of four integral parts covering deduction, reduction, remediation and sustenance
  • Industry-proven, deployment-ready frameworks for accelerated security management roll-outs