Identity and Access Management

Organizations are always trying to set up processes to provide appropriate access to resources for the right people at the right time and for legitimate reasons. Poorly controlled processes lead to compliance issues, increasing vulnerability and exposure of sensitive information. With increasing heterogeneous technologies, stricter compliance norms and weak policies, Identity and Access Management can be a nightmare for organizations if not addressed properly.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro lays out a prudent Identity & Access Management (IAM) roadmap based on an analysis of business needs, underlying technology and architecture to create a future proof security strategy. Our IAM offering provides:

  • Collaborative platforms across the entire IAM lifecycle with online thin client interface and pre-built utilities for migrations
  • Automated User Access Provisioning, Unified Identity Administration, seamless Single Sign-On, robust Access Control & Password Management and comprehensive compliance reports
  • Combined processes for industry leading identity technology platforms and their seamlessly integration into heterogeneous environments

Our IAM offering spans a wide range of domains including Role-based User Provisioning, Web & Enterprise Single Sign-On, Federated Access Management, Enterprise Directory Infrastructures, Fine-grained Entitlements Management and Access Governance.

Wipro's IAM offering benefits you in the following ways:

  • We have rich experience across multiple global IAM implementations and processes based on industry best practices
  • We help eliminate management costs around IAM infrastructure maintenance, IAM processes, access governance processes, helpdesk and incident remediation
  • We help reduce CAPEX by leveraging a dedicated hosted IAM and access governance solution
  • We enable rapid deployment with low Total Cost of Ownership