Identify Threats

Organizations face complex risks like zero-day exploits as applications are still vulnerable, targeted malware and stealthy, advanced persistent threats. It is essential for organizations to ensure that critical applications are safeguarded through appropriate software, hardware and procedural methods. Today, threat management has to be proactive and reactive in order to ensure complete security.

How wipro helps

Wipro uses industry-leading solutions and advisory services which score risk, vulnerabilities and security measures. These also help control, monitor and manage access to critical applications.

Our comprehensive threat management framework ensures:

  • Proactive protection against known and new threats
  • Accounting for existing and known vulnerabilities in the system
  • Forensic response if unknowns cause havoc

Intelligent Cyber Threat Protection

We address typical gaps in cyber protection like open-ended analytical processes, dependence on perimeter security, legacy security controls and context-ignorant security. This service includes:

  • Our Advanced Cyber Protection Framework - encompasses threat intelligence, context-aware network security, network anomaly and malware protection, end-point security and compliance
  • Our best-in-class Cyber-Security Cell - covers threat research and intelligence, reputation and brand monitoring
  • We offer signature-independent technologies, integrated protection, end-to-end threat management, contextualized alerts and protection

Security Analytics & Intelligence

Our unique application of Big Data analytics in the security context includes:

  • We address factors that limit your ability to generate insights by providing contextual insights, Big Data processing, handling dynamic and stealthy patterns, filtering out noise etc.
  • Our comprehensive Security Analytics & Intelligence Framework uses a unique combination of threat monitoring, analytics and intelligent reporting
  • Our threat analysts and experts help identify and predict potential breaches, new attack patterns and provide operational intelligence