Wipro Access Governance Onboarding Framework (WAGON)

Onboarding applications present unique challenges for organizations. Traditional processes are manual, resource-intensive, slow and error prone. This leads to a high cost of error validation on incoming data feeds and erroneous data feeds cause unnecessary business disruptions. The Wipro Access Governance Onboarding Framework (WAGON) eliminates such application onboarding challenges.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's WAGON removes the complex application onboarding development using the Access Governance tool's multiple application/mass collector capability along with a simple and flexible parameter based on-boarding process. This enables organizations like yours to utilize a factory model instead of hardcore development methodology.

Our WAGON framework is an excellent option for organizations that want:

  • Pre-built frameworks that need simple configurations
  • Reduced work and resource requirements while building collectors
  • Technology agnostic frameworks (can be deployed in Windows/UNIX)
  • Automated file handling and error reporting to save time for tool administrators

Our WAGON framework has helped an Australian telecom major to onboard 690 applications in a span of six months using a lean six member team. The framework reduced the application onboarding by 40% for each application.

WAGON helps you through:

  • Faster and more efficient onboarding (factory model)
  • Easy-to-configure onboarding procedure needing no technical expertise
  • Automatic error validation and real-time reporting on various data issues to individual application/data owner
  • Ideal for use during operations/business as usual to stop the flow of invalid data into re-validation campaign