Cloud, microservices and app-based technology applications are now increasingly required to run on continuous deployment mode. Reducing cycle time and extremely fast conversion of requirements to production require a robust platform that is standardized and resilient.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's AgileBase™ is a comprehensive continuous delivery platform built on Microsoft, open source and IBM tool stack. The AgileBase™ DevOps platform leverages the existing ALM tool investments, uses industry best practices for build and release orchestration, and provides real-time dashboards and analytics. It offers a self-service mechanism for provisioning infrastructure, tools and framework for DevOps on public/private Cloud.

  • Enhanced Agility
  • Optimized Cost
  • Reduced Risks

Wipro AgileBase™ DevOps Platform offers a set of accelerators and IPs to be used in application development, deployment, delivery and maintenance. This platform helps the lifecycle to achieve continuous delivery process automation through following services:

  • DevOps Consulting and Architecture Services
  • Configuration & Environment Provisioning Automation
  • Build and Engineering Services – CICD Assessment and implementation
  • DevOps on Cloud and Hybrid
  • Environment Management & support
  • Application analytics & Performance Management services

Success Stories

On-Premise Continuous Delivery and Automation

Established a centralized on-premise continuous delivery process and automation framework for a large global banking customer, leading to improvement in productivity by 20%; increased transparency for better decision making and faster releases from 3 months to weekly

Managed Services on Cloud

Provided managed services to a large retail customer for environment management on Cloud, with build and deployment automation resulting in reduction in infrastructure provisioning effort from 2 weeks to 3 hours