Mainframe Application Services

In today’s competitive environment, enterprises must maintain and launch new products for a quicker time to market. In addition, they also face tremendous pressure to contain costs, improve productivity and drive ticket reduction. With a complex applications landscape and growing business demands, they need to be agile in application development and reduce costs to maintain, support and modernize the legacy applications.

How wipro helps

Wipro's Mainframe Application Services offers you best-in-class customized solutions that combine our rich industry knowledge and future ready technologies. In addition, our Centre of Excellence gives you access to our proprietary accelerators and tools. We provide the following services:

  • Consulting and advisory services enabling your enterprise to be updated with technology
  • Application development, maintenance and support for mission critical business for faster time to market, drive ticket reduction and improve productivity
  • Modernization services help you in migration to re-architect, re-platform and/or re-engineer to be on par with the technology trends
  • Automation using industry-leading tools as well as accelerators developed in-house
  • Capabilities

    We have over 100 clients across business domains such as:

    • Banking, securities and insurance
    • Retail and consumer goods
    • Healthcare, life sciences, telecom and manufacturing

    400+ projects across application development, maintenance, support, consulting, modernization and testing 30,000+ person years of technology skill sets such as programming languages, databases and online transaction processing systems

    Mainframe COE with an in-house lab having developed over 30 proprietary accelerators and tools

    Over 40,000 MIPS hosted on our customer data center customers



    In-house lab with a dedicated COE focusing on tools, accelerators and automation

    Intellectual Property with over 30 accelerators and tools developed in-house

    Proven track record with customers rating us a thought leader in Mainframe Application Services

    Multi-skilled resources with knowledge of various technologies across programming languages and databases

    Architect pool for our consulting practice and modernization services