Wipro Digital Asset Management

Businesses today are driven by content. Delivering the right content to the right person at the right time is the key to successful digital content management. With rising influence of rich media, varying business users and multiple delivery channels, the process has become complex over time. Organizations end up spending a significant amount of money in recreating assets from scratch, instead of repurposing them.

A Digital Asset Management System is an imperative for a unified brand experience and a standardized brand messaging to the end consumers.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Digital Asset Manager helps you in the following areas:

  • Creative Workgroups: Support smaller, in-house creative design teams engaged in digital or print production
  • Enterprise Marketing & Customer Experience: Support marketing and customer experience groups across the organization to manage assets through the customer life cycle
  • Line of Business/Departmental: Support content management for internal and external consumption,
  • marketing and brand related content
  • Digital Repository: Digital Asset repository which is directly integrated with the Retail and eCommerce websites
  • High-End Production: Support industries with heavy broadcasting needs like media & entertainment, and broadcast news organizations
  • Publishing: Support print media publication houses, for books, news, journals and magazines

Key Benefits

  • Reduced effort with central management of all enterprise digital assets and documents
  • Readily available business process workflows provide seamless integration with different business units and content channels
  • Video handling and streaming capability
  • Achieve up to 40% cost saving
  • Improve visibility and tracking capabilities
  • Auto-migration utility for a seamless transition
  • Integrated archival and repository management
  • Configurable migration framework to connect with multiple repositories
  • Minimal Capital Expenditure [Flexible Pricing models]
  • Multi-tenant services [SaaS models]
  • 24x7 Support

Success Stories:

For one of the leading US-based providers of Commercial Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions: We provided a digital repository and enabled mobile access to marketing assets for the sales team. Effective and efficient collaborative digital asset management led to marketing and branding consistency.

For a leading Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturer: We provided a hosted content management solution, thereby helping them reduce operating costs and streamline processes for a faster go-to-market. We also reduced the efforts on managing marketing and technical assets and the misuse of assets through controlled access.