Wipro’s Treasury and Payments Solutions

Over the last decade the office of the Corporate Treasurer has experienced significant changes that are re-defining the traditional frontiers as well as its position and influence within the organization. Key drivers for these changes include globalization and expansion of businesses into new and emerging markets, evolving role of the corporate treasury to being an advisor/strategic partner to the rest of the business, explosive growth in e-payment transactions and the drive towards real-time payments, increased adoption of technology and technology innovations, and stringent regulations. Global treasuries are, thus, increasingly looking for partners who can provide end-to-end business technology solutions to remain efficient, competitive and future-proof the dynamics of a volatile operating environment.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Treasury and Payments Solutions include a portfolio of next generation solutions and differentiated services around Treasury, Cash, Payments Management, Financial Messaging and Channel/Wallet Services. Our services span across Advisory, Consulting, Design, Implementation, Testing and Managed Services.


Treasury Management Solutions

Assets for treasury strategies and implementations: Corporate Treasury Product Evaluation Framework, Treasury Management System (TMS) Diagnostic Framework, and development accelerators to facilitate integration and bank interface connectivity.

Cash Management Solutions

Customizable pre-configured management smart dashboards around payments, corporate cash positions, bank account reporting, cash forecasts, forex Market-2-Market (M2M)

Payment Management Solutions

Pre-built platform for the automation of corporate bulk payments, handling high-value payments and payments monitoring

Financial Messaging Solutions

End-to-end quality assurance for SWIFT Messages and SWIFT Network Testing Environment

Our Differentiators

  • We understand that "one product does not fit all" treasuries. Hence, we work with a pool of products and partners
  • We have a range of success stories across Treasury and Payments
  • Thought-to-finish Partner. A team of business leaders, industry experts, banking practitioners, product specialists, business/technology architects, consultants and analysts who understand the breadth and depth of the treasury and payments landscape
  • Unique innovative solutions to address key challenges for any global treasurer

Key Benefits

  • Accurate, complete and aggregated visibility of current cash positions and forecasts
  • Smart dashboards to provide a consolidated view of all critical treasury data and information
  • Actionable treasury insights to empower decision-making/enable decision support (especially around liquidity, trade and risk)
  • Automation of key treasury processes for efficiency
  • Effective risk management

Success Stories

For a large retail bank in UK: International cross-border payments

  • Improved payment efficiency (STP rates)

For a US-based worldwide supplier of automotive components: Facilitated inter-bank fund transfer at start of day

  • Used automation for the B2B payment process through an integrated payments and treasury platform

For a large global corporate in Asia Pacific: Visibility into millions of dollars in idle cash

  • Immediate investments made for a corporate with over 400 bank accounts and 125 legal entities, leveraging a proprietary treasury governance framework