Next Generation Contact Center

With growth in the number of channels and customer touch points, including social media, it has become important to have a unified view of customer interactions to meet customer expectations. The Next Generation Contact Center (NGCC) brings a holistic view of the customer across channels. This ensures a consistent customer experience, improves customer loyalty and retention, generates new business and improves agent productivity.

It has become imperative for contact centers to capture single view of customer’s engagements, ensure consistent customer experience across channels, offer proactive issue resolutions, maximize agent productivity, increase customer loyalty and retention and generate business growth.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro believes that evolving technology and changing customer behavior will bring several changes in the way contact centers are used to manage customer interactions.

Our NGCC addresses those changes by providing:

  • Improved customer experience: Though accurate, pro-active end-to-end engagement driven by analytics
  • Incremental revenue generation: By identifying opportunities to cross sell and up sell, based on personalized Next Best Action
  • Improved agent productivity: Faster response time to customer queries using intelligent knowledge management and predictive behavior analytics
  • Faster time-to-market: Quick program rollouts using predefined industry use cases and reusable technology components

Our NGCC Solution combines game-changing technologies with proven BPO expertise. The result is superior customer experience management. Our solution is driven by multi-layered analytics that empowers contact center agents with personalized actionable recommendations to address various customer lifecycle challenges and creates opportunities for new revenue growth.

Key features of the solution are:

  • Unified user interface, enabling faster and proactive issue resolution
  • Customer 360 degree data hub, enabling single view of end-user engagements and preferences
  • Comprehensive analytics-driven personalized Next Best Action engine to configure actions on churn, loyalty, proactive issue resolution, cross sell, up sell, etc.
  • Intelligent product and knowledge hub, enabling proactive knowledge management for improved agent productivity