Middleware Migration

Large organizations have adopted Middleware environments as the backbone of IT integration over the years. Middleware vendors that are large in size offer powerful Middleware platforms with advanced capabilities that drive organizations to take strategic decisions for migrating to future-ready Middleware platforms. Other driving factors for migration include platform standardization, mergers and acquisitions. Organizations that are considering transition to a future-ready Middleware are concerned about how much time is it going to take, is the migration reliable, is it manual or automated, what are the costs and risks involved, etc. Wipro’s BAS Solutions Practice helps you have a seamless, reliable, accelerated and cost-effective transition to next generation Middleware.

How Wipro Helps

Our Middleware Migration Solution helps you migrate existing Middleware to newer platforms such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion, TIBCO, webMethods, SAP PI and Open Source Middleware including RedHat JBoss, MuleSoft and WSO2.

Our Middleware Migration Solution comprises:

  • Migration and Assessment tools
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Templates/Checklist
  • Best Practices and Guidelines

Our solution also caters to Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) version upgrades and JCAPS migration to newer Middleware.

Our Solution offers several benefits, including:

  • Automated migration to future-ready Middleware platform
    • Up to 30% effort saving in migration
    • Up to 30% reduction in cycle time
  • Predictability and consistency in migration
  • Reduced risks in migration

Transforming Middleware Migration into an Easier Exercise

Our Middleware Migration Solution delivers a range of specialized migration tools that help make the transition an easier exercise.

  • The Wipro Assessment Report Generator delivers comprehensive reports about your existing Middleware landscape in shorter time compared with manual approach of assessment
  • The Flow Migration Tool migrates routes and workflows in your existing Middleware landscape to the target platform
  • The Adapter Configuration Migration Tool migrates adapter configuration to the target platform
  • The Data Definition Transformation Tool automates migration of message definition from older to newer platform

Success stories:

For a leading manufacturer in US: Helped with adoption of IBM Middleware Platform

  • Saved 30% on migration costs
  • Reduced Risk and Effort

For a leading investment bank: Adoption of WebSphere Message Broker

  • Achieved 15% savings on migration costs
  • Automation tools helped to accelerate adoption

For a large US-based consumer goods company: Helped with adoption of Oracle Fusion

  • Saved 30% on migration costs
  • Enabled higher predictability and consistency for the middleware migration program