Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Organizations need to integrate with their customers, partners and employees digitally for their businesses. It requires interactions between and among humans and systems. A majority of enterprise integrations happen through files and, hence, Managed File Transfer (MFT) is an important component in this space. Organizations handle files in overwhelmingly large volumes and numbers for internal and external communication, but not all of them have a consolidated Managed File Transfer system in place.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Managed File Transfer offering provides you with:

  • Consolidated platform to manage the file transfer needs
  • Seamless integration with your customers, partners and employees
  • Reliable and secure file transfer systems
  • Solution packaged in a cloud - enabled platform
  • Centralized control, monitoring, auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Solution in a SaaS model

At a time when organizations are being aggressive with BYOD policies, there is a need to integrate systems and data flow to be able to provide mobile access and omni channel workflows. Our solution comes with workflow management, policy enforcement, 24x7 global support and much more.

The key features of our solution are:

Managed File Transfer Solutions

Key Benefits

Our MFT solutions are easy to customize and implement. They help:

  • Lower CAPEX to establish the MFT system
  • Provide apt level of security for network and data protection
  • With adherence to regulatory compliances
  • With end-to-end traceability of files between source and destination
  • Reduce effort and time to handle large and complex file transfers
  • Reduce errors and failures for file transfers
  • 24x7 support

Success Stories:

  • For one of the largest US insurance companies: We helped the insurer achieve 20%-30% cost savings with platform consolidation and reduced deployment time. We also integrated the business applications and consolidated the data transfer for the client
  • For a leading US pharmaceutical distribution company: We reduced IT support cost by managing their multiple EDI translations and communication tools
  • For a leading US lawn care product maker: We helped manage its B2B migration and ERP implementation, provided a consolidated system and improved visibility of its entire processes