Host Transformation Solution (HTS)

Organizations have applications deployed on various platforms such as application servers, process orchestration engines, and other Middleware platforms. There is often a need to migrate applications from one platform to another due to changing business dynamics. Typically, such migration processes are manual in nature, requiring longer cycle times with higher risks impacting downstream applications. Host Transformation Solution (HTS) accelerates the migration process, using automated analysis and code modifications. While being reliable, HTS also significantly lowers the effort and cost of migration.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Host Transformation Solution (HTS) automates the migration of applications from one platform to another.

Our solution can help:

  • Lower migration costs - Migration automation results in substantial reduction in effort, time and costs
  • Reduce migration risk - Migration methodology adopted has no impact on the business logic embedded in the existing application
  • With faster time to market - Automation of the analysis and code modification ensures minimum or zero down-time during migration, thus ensuring business continuity
  • Reliable and assured migration - Migration automation ensures elimination of human errors typical in manual software re-engineering processes

The key features of our HTS Solution:

Success Story:

  • For a leading US-based securities organization: Cloud Migration 65% automation for effort reduction and faster time to market and 52% cost reduction.