SAP Application Services Segments

“Design with Purpose” is how Wipro's SAP practice is driving business transformation and helping customer in measuring business outcome, not merely technology milestones. We offer advisory and SAP led technology transformation services:

  • Business Value Discovery
  • Package Evaluation
  • Implementation Maturity assessment
Business Transformation
  • Business Blue printing
  • “Differentiated & Stable” our unique approach to business blue printing with Visualization as overlaying adoption approach to drive Target Operating Model through executable business process designs.

  • Package Enabled Transformation
  • Capital Investment led SAP green field implementation, where we work right from business case preparation to benefit realization through “Design with purpose” approach and rich green field implementation experience.
  • Industrial accelerated transformation

    Keeping ”Time to Market” in view for our customers, Wipro is driving accelerated transformation for SAP implementation services

    • Industry Solutions Packs – With Industry solutions divided into Agile and Stable processes, predefined business processes, SAP best practice configurations, Risks & Control definitions and implementation accelerators, we are helping our clients to predict business value creation and accelerate the journey.
    • Energy industry solutions for power and transmission distribution
    • Utility industry solutions for Enterprise Asset Management and customer service
    • Automobile solution
    • Retail solutions for soft and hardline retailers
    • Healthcare solutions for medical device industry
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions

As a global SAP partner Wipro is strategically positioned as a large SAP implementations partner and provides the following services

  • Package Evaluation:

    Wipro can help you meet new business requirements, overhaul dated systems and identify a more responsive enterprise system through package evaluation.

    Wipro's in-depth expertise with SAP enterprise applications and strong knowledge of industry specific processes will help you to identify right solutions to meet your current and future business goals.

  • Solution Definition Frameworks for Blueprint design

    We can help enterprises with package led advisory and transformation services across the value chain from the business case to plan, architect and design.

  • Green field implementations

    End to end SAP implementation using Wipro's proprietary SPEED methodology for fast and cost effective implementation, leveraging Wipro' s experience in multiple green field implementations.

  • Process optimization and functional enhancements
  • Global Processes definition and design by adopting industry best practices

    Wipro's proven SPEED methodology for large SAP / ERP Implementations

    With more than 10 years of large SAP implementations, Wipro has established a strong reputation with our global clients as a trusted large scale SAP implementation partner.

    Wipro designed SPEED methodology by leveraging its vast implementation experience and SAP ASAP methodology.

    Focus on Time to market leveraging standard out-of-box solutions
    Industry Templates

    Wipro has vast experience in deploying industry specific SAP implementations .Combined with industry specific process expertise and SAP IS solutions capability, Wipro has been able to deploy the following industry solutions at multiple global clients:

    • Energy industry solutions for power and transmission distribution
    • Utility industry solutions for Enterprise Asset Management and customer service
    • Automobile solution
    • Retail solutions for soft and hardline retailers
    • Healthcare solutions for medical device industry
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions
    Industrialized Rollouts/Factory Models

    Wipro has deployed multiple global rollouts using global template based design and reduced the traditional rollout time and costs by 25 to 30 percent

    Wipro's SPEED methodology uses rollout templates and accelerators in multiple stages of the project which enables a faster rollout.

    Wipro's rollout services include

    a) Design of Global templates

    b) Localization definition with legal and financial compliance requirements

    c) Multi-currency requirements

    d) Financial consolidation

    Wipro's factory model for application development and maintenance enables development and maintenance at central location and expansion capability as required.


    Complexity of maintaining applications, cost unpredictability, rapidly changing business priorities and need for increased service quality are constant challenges faced by IT organizations. The constant need to reduce IT operations and maintenance costs and increase the amount of discretionary funds available requires innovation.

    Wipro, with its proven application maintenance capability, offers unique and innovative solutions for managing your application IT estate efficiently.

    Wipro has invested on customer-centric business models (FlexDelivery) to provide predictable, scalable and cost effective delivery options.

    FlexDelivery - SAP

    'FlexDelivery' is an innovative and customer-centric delivery model created by Wipro to address key concerns of application management and maintenance outsourcing. 'FlexDelivery' is a non-linear delivery model to provide managed services to customers for their enterprise applications support. The model has:

    • A Standardized AMS Process and integrated tools to enhance user experience
    • A competency tower driven delivery
    • Proven excellence in delivery through the ITIL framework
    • Assured Security as it is compliant with ISO 27001 and 20 K

    Leveraging this model Wipro can provide

    • Consumption based pricing and optimized TCO
    • Increased businessvValue and capacity on demand
    • Transparency in chargeback

    This model has gained significant popularity over the last 5 years due to simplicity of contracting structure, scalability and user experience.

    Run SAP

    Run SAP is a methodology to implement end-to-end solution operations management. This includes best practices, standards and tools for managing SAP solutions in a heterogeneous and complex environment. Wipro is Global Run SAP Implementation partner and Global Run SAP operations partner with SAP. This gives Wipro an advantage and we can leverage the benefits of both the Run SAP and the Flex value proposition in our client engagements.

    • Wipro aided by its state-of-the-art proprietary tools and several upgrade/migration project experience and supported by a strong pool of 400+ upgrade experience team and a dedicated upgrade competency,
    • Wipro's 70+ upgrades' experience spans across functional and technical domains and covers the entire SAP Business Suite Applications viz. ECC, CRM, SRM, SCM, PI, EP and BI across all industry verticals and geographies.
    • In addition to the technical & functional upgrade implementations, Wipro's service offerings include Lite Assessment & Full Assessment that is primarily driven by our proprietary tools 'EASy Up' and 'EASy Map' that can assess the customer systems, help them estimate the upgrade complexity accurately and come up with a realistic effort & project plan.
    • Apart from automating several activities in upgrade projects to reduce the risk of human errors, Wipro' proprietary tools and “Upgrade in Lab Approach” also help in reducing the overall effort & cost of the upgrade projects by 10% compared to traditional approaches .
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