Enterprise Security Services

The traditional focus of security is fast moving from mitigation to improving the bottom line, either by reducing loss or building profit. A comprehensive security strategy needs to address all of the modern organization's security demands – embracing new technologies, mitigating cyber threats, and regulations while demonstrating business value by:

  • Increasing customer trust
  • Reducing risk, costs and complexity
  • Achieving compliance targets
  • Improving productivity

Wipro's Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS) practice assists enterprises in defining their security and compliance needs, recommends best practices, evaluates & implements technology and delivers managed and hosted security services. Our integrated security and compliance solutions are customized for multiple industries and leverage a Global Delivery Model. We help enterprises develop agile information security and compliance programs to cope with changing business and IT risks.

Our security solutions portfolio includes:
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Application & Data Security
  • Mobile Security Solutions
  • Cloud Security
  • Infrastructure Security Solutions
  • Physical Security Convergence & Analytics
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