Telecom Insights

Wipro’s Telecom Insights is a solution driving effective intelligence for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to help them achieve their business goals and increase revenues. Our solution is designed to address the long standing issue of declining ARPUs for CSPs. It also helps optimize network and customer acquisition costs, thus enabling long term retention and records management.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Telecom Insights solution is designed to build on business focused and user driven development of feature/functionalities. Our solution is a comprehensive portfolio providing Customer Insights, Network Insights, Operational Insights and Financial Insights.

Key features of our solution:

  • User driven development of functionalities that make the solution business focused
  • Standardized with pre-built solution components which make it adaptable to the existing ecosystem
  • Provides a multi-year roadmap allowing you to grow with the current CSPs market dynamics
  • Innovative commercial proposition makes the solutions a low-risk adoption option with usage driven investment
  • Provides full-service partner Consulting, System Integration and Managed Services

We provide CSPs offerings under four categories for the Marketing, Network, Finance and Operations functions.

Customer Insights:

  • Integrated Campaign Management (ICM): ICM solution provides you an opportunity to deliver personalized marketing content and promotional offers to create a differentiated experience for your subscribers. We help you manage challenges such as ARPU decline, ineffective cross sell/up sell and rising customer acquisition cost
  • Social Media Analytics (SMA): Through SMA we provide a multi-channel solution to help improve customer experience management, marketing offer management and build a two-way dialog with your customers. You can achieve the highest degree of customer engagement, wider brand presence and improved reachability across platforms.
  • Next best offer (NBO): NBO is a customer-centric solution that uses a combination of predictive models, information from various sources, business rules and arbitration logic to create an offer that is optimized for both your customer and your business. You can easily gather customer insights and understand campaign performance, with details on segmentation and model library
  • Life Time Value (LTV): This solution extrapolates the trends in customer needs and usage to gauge the their LTV

Network Insights

  • Event Based Marketing (EBM): Our EBM Analytics solution leverages network data collected from network elements in near real time to customize offers to meet consumer needs and enhance the rate of conversion. You can leverage our solution to optimize marketing campaigns, reduce churn rate, increase revenue and enhance customer experience
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM): We help you improve customer interaction and increase your up-selling/ cross-selling capabilities
  • Quality of Service/Quality of Excellence (QoS/QoE): You can monitor and troubleshoot devices connected to a network. We help identify the trends between device type, version, software (IMEI) and service failures and/or poor QoS. This results in a reduction in churn and an increase in the customer satisfaction and ARPU levels
  • Network planning & Forecasting: You can analyze network usage, data flow and traffic trends to efficiently forecast and plan infrastructure investments

Financial Insights

  • Revenue Reporting: This solution provides a detailed view of the revenue, segmented by customers/products/channels. We help you correlate with new investments and provide forward predictions of these investments
  • Financial Reporting: Our module also helps you build balance sheets, P&Ls and other key financial statements. You can use this solution to identify analyze and monitor key ratios like debt to equity ratio, return on equity or net profit margin etc.
  • Fraud Detection: You can reduce losses due to frauds and improve your fraud detection process for better products/services
  • Analytics Based Management (ABM): This solution applies ABM techniques for the costs incurred in operations and customer servicing activities. You can better manage costs, optimize resource utilization and maximize value for your customers.

Operational Insights

  • Call Center Analytics: This solution provides insights into contact center efficiency and effectiveness, customer experience and satisfaction scores, sales performance, service delivery and costs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We help you manage all your compliance and regulatory reporting needs by using the lowest TCO approach

Telco-BI-in-a-Box (T-Box)

We also offer Telco-BI-in-a-Box (T-Box) which forms the core of a Telecom operator. Wipro T-Box is a comprehensive EDW/BI and Analytics solution that can be quickly deployed and meets the various needs of the Telecom industry in terms of Customer, Operational, Network and Financial Insights. It provides these insights to CXOs and business leaders to help them effectively manage the business and ensure a low TCO. Churn, Dealer Reporting, Business Insights focused on KPIs, Reports, Integrated CXO Dashboards and Billing & Collections are some of the packages within T-Box, and can be deployed with minimal TCO and deployment efforts.

We provide CSPs with clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance with the ability to predict future outcomes. Other benefits include:

  • Churn reduction down to 12-25% and a 35-40% increase in ARPU
  • Standardized and integrated customer touch points resulting in enhanced satisfaction and reduced cost to serve
  • Planning and implementing the right metrics to measure the performance of customer-centric operations
  • Improved productivity of channels such as contact centers, retail point of sales and online presence
  • Access to relevant insights on customer behavior increasing the effectiveness of marketing, sales and operations