Analytics for Manufacturing & Hi-tech

Leading industrial and High-Tech manufacturers had been achieving elite status in their respective categories by applying their industrial design and technology edge to launch differentiated products that delighted their customers and often commanded healthy price premiums. But today, these organizations are realizing that they need to understand and serve their customers better and improve their supply chains to compete globally with manufacturers who are able to replicate several of the features offered by the elite products, at a significantly lower price, and steal market share away from them and/or drive down margins.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro provides a host of solutions using business analytics and advanced statistical models that can enable you to achieve all of the above mentioned benefits.

Using our Analytics for Manufacturing and Hi-Tech industry, you can achieve:

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved product quality and yield
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Enhanced forecasting and demand planning
  • Optimized costs
  • Reduced TCO over the life of the product

Our Analytics offerings for Manufacturing and Hi-Tech include:

  • Customer Analytics: It helps build a 360 degree view of the customer and aims to leverage consumer sentiments and usage patterns to develop better products, cross sell, reduce customer churn, drive value added services and earn better ROI on sales and marketing spend
  • Manufacturing Analytics: It helps improve product quality and yield, reduces product test cycle time and improves first pass yield during new product rollouts. This ensures improved product availability and avoids losses due to stock outs
  • Supply Chain Analytics: It integrates data across the value chain to provide critical information and visibility in demand-driven supply networks. Demand sensing and forecasting improves forecast accuracy even as channel fusion is taking place between brick and mortar retail and online stores, and product cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Analytics ensures that the right product is available at the right place at the right time to maximize revenue and profit
  • Spend Analytics: It pinpoints inefficient spending practices and enables you better price negotiation capabilities that take advantage of volume discounts
  • Service Analytics: It helps monitor and track after sales and service related processes to generate insights into spare parts supply management, proactive predictive maintenances and the discovery of new service revenue opportunities
  • Financial Analytics: It enables organizations to streamline and integrate financial planning and budgeting processes, helps them close their books faster, improves visibility and predictability of business outcomes
  • Data & Information Management: It manages enterprise-wide data flows including Master Data Management (MDM), data migration from legacy to ERP to Big Data platforms as part of transformational engagements, data quality assessment and cleansing and data archival. This is a range of solutions meant to address the varying needs of businesses
  • Channel Spend Optimization: It enables promotion managers to model, optimize, forecast, budget, execute and manage customer promotions driven by the retail channel. It also enables you to measure product and customer performance within a country or across the globe. For more information read more