Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods/Consumer Products

Demanding consumers, private label onslaught from retailers and continuously increasing cost pressures are causing Consumer Goods (CG) companies to accelerate the use of information and actionable analytics. They are leveraging the power of Analytics to deliver innovation in products, stronger consumer loyalty and optimize costs to emerge as the chosen provider of their target consumers.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Analytics offerings for CG equip you with actionable business insights for quicker and intelligent decision making and help you meet the following challenges:

  • Build better consumer loyalty
  • Targeted consumer and trade promotions for better ROI/and optimize spend
  • Develop better products
  • Ensure enhanced profitability
  • Operational efficiency

Our Analytics offerings in Consumer Packaged Goods/Consumer products include:

  • Consumer and Customer Analytics: This suite of solutions enables deeper degree of understanding around consumers and key accounts. Solutions under consumer and customer analytics cover universal persona, prospect analytics, margin contribution analytics, digital and marketing effectiveness analytics, consumer segmentation-based analytics and loyalty analytics
  • Profitability Analytics: It enables finance personnel and heads of businesses to determine profitable products, customers and services and allocate costs accordingly to improve profitability
  • Supply Chain Analytics: It enables supply chain managers to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency with insights-driven demand forecasting, network optimization and vendor analytics
  • Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO): It enables promotion managers to model, optimize, forecast, budget, execute, manage and measure product and customer performance within a country or across the globe. For more information read more
  • Marketing Mix Optimization: It helps maximize returns on marketing expenditure. This is achieved through Analytics by determining the best set of advertising and targeted campaign options across channels