Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics enables near real-time analysis of processes, thereby helping you to optimize your operations by efficiently identifying and isolating inefficiencies and failures. The data for decision making and discovery may be derived from different sources such as your internal database or externally from social media platforms. It can be hosted over the cloud and can be accessed through mobile devices. Business analytics coupled with data mining, self-service, predictive analytics and aggregation tools is used to get more transparent information for critical decision making and implementing decision support system.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps its clients to improve the existing operations of their organizations.

Our Operational Analytics Service helps you:

  • Gain visibility and deep insights into your business processes
  • Understand potential issues and take rapid action to improve performance
  • Have faster access to opportunities and threats from the markets
  • Make quick decisions by having ready access to information in near real time

With our Joint Innovation Council, Analytics Lab On Hire, Centre of Excellence (CoE), Special Interest Group and a community for the purpose of research and strategy development, we have developed a new business capabilities approach which is targeted towards a specific domain. This use advanced analytical models that provide new insights into customer behavior, propensity to purchase, validate the model through internal and real world data and ensure the model's fidelity.

Our solutions in Operational Analytics include:

  • Proactive Asset Life Cycle Management (PALM: Industry applicability - Energy and Utilities): PALM encompasses a range of analytical solutions that cater to different areas of the asset lifecycle. These solutions aid effective asset maintenance as well as workforce management while ensuring that health & safety norms are being met. These solutions are :
    • Predictive Risk Intelligence & performance Management Solution (PRIM): - The predictive capabilities of PRIM solution work as a risk intelligence & performance management solution that aid in preventing disasters, incidents and plant breakdowns
    • Business Intelligence Solution for Enterprise Asset Management (BEAM) and Asset Health Index (AHI): The solutions help improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, health and safety and capital investment planning
  • Insurance & Claims Engineering (ICE: Industry applicability - Insurance): ICE includes solutions that use advanced predictive analytics to improve operational processes and reduce leakage. This is achieved by gaining an insight into the insurance business resulting in time and cost savings. Solutions include:
    • Insurance Customer Analytics: It is customer-centric toward areas like prospecting, acquisition, retention for models like loss, profitability, risk and renewal rate
    • Subrogation Solution: It covers areas around pre-claims, first notice of loss, recoveries and claim performance
  • Fraud Analytics (Industry applicability - Banking): It helps in prevention, detection, deterrence, remediation and investigation of frauds through continual analysis of pre-defined key factors
  • Store Analytics (Industry applicability - Retail): It helps with payroll optimization, fraud reduction and operational expense optimization. This, when coupled with our Supply Chain Solutions, results in improvement in operational efficiency, fraud reduction, cost savings and overall optimization of supply chain