Simple Connect

When you buy a Wipro product you can be rest assured that your Wipro product is covered by the best service network. Wipro's Service network is unmatched in reach and efficiency covering over 95% of the nation with more than 1400 skilled, certified engineers.

Simple Connect is our 24x7 online support service with state-of-the-art facilities which powers our service engine. At Simple Connect, a dedicated set of certified engineers diagnose your IT problems and help overcome them online, thereby saving downtime and improving productivity. Our toll free support number 1800 345 3456 has the ability to simulate most customer complain scenarios, making it possible to resolve a number of issues over the phone, on the first call.

In case intervention by an engineer is required, our response time is less than 16 hours for remote locations, and less than 5 hours within major cities. With 17 conveniently situated stock hubs across the nation, Wipro ensures rapid replacement of parts, as well as direct delivery of spares to customers.

All this to ensure that your product is up and running at all times.