Wipro’s Value Proposition

Our value proposition focuses on maximizing customer value by differentiating at the front and standardizing at the core, thereby, increasing revenues and reducing operating costs for you. We have a differentiated client engagement model with the adoption of a customer-centric go-to-market strategy and advanced technology focus to deliver value maximization and execution excellence.

We are committed to serving customers across industry verticals by leveraging our extensive consulting and technology services portfolio, and global delivery experience gained by serving over 950 customers (including 150+ Fortune 500 customers).

How Wipro Helps

Leveraging Global Expertise to Maximize Customer Value

  • Global Delivery Capabilities (onsite, near shore and offsite) - We bring optimum balance between expertise, collaboration, risk tolerance and efficiency to provide best business results
  • Local Partnerships and Investments - Our customers benefit from our investments in the Nordic region, as we have tie-ups with local partners and as we continue to invest in local job creation and skills development
  • Flexible Business Model - We focus on transformative business solutions and provide additional resources to customer projects


With our extensive knowledge of business operations in the Nordic region, we have created solutions to help our customers’ enterprises become more profitable, agile and smart. Our key enablers are:

  • Differentiated client engagement
    • Identified Global Client Partners that bring in strong domain expertise
    • Unique Country Delivery strategy that ensures seamless delivery and business continuity
    • Integrated consulting models embedded into everything we do
  • Deep industry insights
    • Industry-led value proposition addressing our customers’ business priorities
  • Standardization of delivery
    • Delivery models targeting faster, efficient and business-aligned KPIs, with a key focus on building a strong governance model
  • Advanced technologies
    • Focus on services to harness the power of disruption created at the intersection of technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Social, and smart sensors
    • Help our customers repurpose and optimize technology investments, create seamless customer experiences and transform businesses
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
    • 360 degree strategic partnerships, nurturing collaborative and innovative offerings with renowned product partners: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, EMC, HP, NetSuite and AWS
    • Strong Go-To-Market partnership with Finland-based advisory firm Sofigate
  • Culture
    • Collaboration with customers, employees, partners and community
    • Localization of teams and adaptability to the Nordic culture by the global team members
    • Customized delivery models and commitments to cater to local requirements

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