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Innovative Design Thinking Workshop

09/02/2017 - 09/02/2017
12:00 PM
Fabrik 23 in Berlin

Digital transformation compels organizations to work seamlessly and chart a new course foster rapid development of customer-oriented solutions. 'Design Thinking' focuses on the needs of end users. Our interactive workshop with the analyst firm PAC aims to dive into the methodology for Design Thinking. Participants will learn how to use 'Design Thinking' in their organizations through this workshop.

Christophe Martinoli, Vice President for Wipro Continental Europe will welcome the participants during a working lunch and deliver a short key note address on the topic - Design Thinking.

After the keynote address, PAC's Senior Vice President, Nicole Dufft will conduct an interactive workshop and help attendees explore how design thinking can be used as a tool to tackle any complex problem. Ms. Dufft will lead the workshop and split up groups to work on individual topics to practice design thinking. The participants will work on a template on how to implement design thinking in their respective organizations and become an ambassador to break down existing internal silos.

The day will end with final presentations of the working groups and a networking session.

Registrations for the workshop are open. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact Benjamin Meyer at Benjamin.meyer@wipro.com.


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