Distributed Energy Storage is a game changer in the energy business. Without exception, it is found in every strategic plan and modernization roadmap for utilities. Distributed energy storage has more to offer than just storing and releasing energy. It opens up a wide set of commercial possibilities and redefines the relationship between market participants such as the generators, aggregators, distribution companies, retailers, consumers, inverter and battery manufacturers, project developers and finance companies.

While energy storage products are coming into the market and solutions are available, however they are only harnessing 60% capability of energy storage. Market participants are recognizing a need for a comprehensive and efficient platform that enables collaboration between entities to derive maximum technical and commercial value from Distributed Energy Storage.

Cognitive Energy Intelligence Suite

Wipro’s Cognitive Energy Intelligence helps in creating a win-win situation for all partners in the energy ecosystem. Our solution is powered by Holmes®, Wipro proprietary artificial intelligence platform which can be consumed as value added services in a subscription model by market participants. Our value added services for various market participants include energy optimization services, analytics services for insights & decision support, market hedging services using virtual power plant, demand response and congestion control services etc.


  • Energy optimization services for end consumers
  • Analytics services for insights & decision support
  • Market hedging services using virtual power plant


  • Customer churn reduction
  • Margin on sale & financing of battery
  • New revenue stream from energy optimization services


  • Energy optimization services


  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher sales of smart “solar PV + battery”
  • New revenue stream from monitoring & control services


  • Demand response & congestion control services


  • Provide a channel for direct customer access
  • Better load forecasting (including distributed generation & smart devices)
  • Better rate cases leading to potential CAPEX reduction


  • Energy optimization services
  • Distributed energy monitoring and control services


  • Reduction in residential monthly electricity bill amounts by up to 15 - 25%
  • Reduction in peak demand of electricity
  • Reduction in purchase of on-peak energy (even during solar outage scenarios)
Why Us?

Wipro is uniquely positioned in the distributed energy storage market to support market participants derive maximum value from their investments.

  • Device and platform agnostic vendor which can work with a variety of model / make of batteries, inverters, solar PV, smart devices etc.
  • Demand aggregation across all customers across various retailers and distributors
  • Extend services to incorporate all future ready scenarios
  • Artificial intelligence based platform incorporating cognitive learning capabilities
  • Cost competitive compared to other similar solutions
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