Winsights – The Artificial Intelligence Edition
By naveen rajdev
Last year, the US vehicle safety regulators made a revolutionary statement – a car’s legal driver needn’t always be a human.
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Exponential growth with
Cognitive process
Let’s get one thing aside first: what does Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) mean? Cognitive computing, as the name suggests, uses existing knowledge and experience to create learning similar to us humans.
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Big data is about to get a big reality check. Our ongoing obsession with data and analytics technology, and our reverence for the rare data scientist who reigns supreme over this world, has disillusioned many of us.
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BEYOND Application
Quality Assurance (QA) gets baked into every aspect of the implementation by leveraging technologies such as Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) - an integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.
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Delivering Intelligent
It takes years to crack the best UI for your audience, but can be a cake walk with a simple Midas touch of Artificial Intelligence, which bring with it, the required flexibility.
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Ai in workplace
It isn't long before Artificial Intelligence making a place for itself in your workplaces from Intelligent Helpdesks to Real Time Productivity Analysis. Get ready for the future.
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X-ODC – The next
evolution milestone
A task that can be done in minutes of Artificial Intelligence, takes hours by manual effort. Self-Learning Data Centers will kick start a journey of Acquired Intelligence.
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Intelligent collateral
Contract management
Taking collateral contract management to another level with features like pattern recognition. As the amount of data grows, AI tools get better and makes contracts easier for you!
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How augmented reality will change a day in
the life of John
Connecting Physical and the Digital World, try taking a print out of this infographic and read it through Layar App to let it come to life! (It works on screen as well)
Experience how technology augments John’s day with non-intrusive intelligence capabilities
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