The Application Programming Interface (API) has reinvented its role in the business and IT landscape today. It is now ready for a new born role to become most disruptive and transformative force across industries.

APIs are being used to create innovative mobile applications without requiring enterprises to develop these applications themselves for various devices and operating systems. APIs exposed to partners have opened up new opportunities for many enterprises such as marketing, reselling, and white labeling of products and services. They are also used for integrating with different devices in cars and homes and with kiosks, as well as for automating data center operations.

Many organizations have started offering their partners, clients, contributors, and users the ability to access data and conduct business transactions by exposing a set of public, documented, and secured APIs that can be invoked over the Internet. We refer to such initiatives as "API programs."

In short, they are a technological hurricane - very powerful and thus potentially dangerous. But unlike a natural hurricane, APIs are eminently harvestable. The following research report takes an in-depth look on the drivers, barriers, opportunities, and effective management of API programs.

API Research Report

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