3D Printing Lends Wings to Aerospace Spares

As per Gartner estimates, by 2020, 75% of manufacturing operations worldwide will be using 3D-printed tools, jigs and fixtures made in-house or by a service bureau to produce finished goods. 3D printing, or additive layer manufacturing (ALM), is redefining the contours of aircraft component manufacturing and taking digitization to the skies. It is being increasingly perceived as an “alternate technology” for aerospace aftermarket that not only helps ramp up production, but also produces parts, that are highly customized and demand short lead times, in a cost effective manner.

Wipro with its end-to-end engineering R&D and consulting services to manufacturers helps create high precision 3D printed parts and free form of designs within very short timelines. Wipro also believes that to maximize the potential of 3D printing, the additive manufacturing industry can look at three key areas of building parts - New design, Repair & overhaul, and Aftermarket.

Our approach to 3D printing is unique and consists of 3 stages i.e. Assessment, AI assisted “Drawings to Data” and Design.

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