Latin America (LATAM) has shown a huge growth potential, inviting large organizations from across the world to invest in the region. Both Chile and Colombia are investing heavily in infrastructure development in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking & Retail sectors, and Colombia is investing in infrastructure to cater to the now growing domestic market. While the needs of each country in the region are different, efficiencies and versatility are common goals.

The key business challenge is creating an efficient, agile, resilient and scalable organization to address the increasingly global market place.

Wipro is helping organizations in LATAM meet goals with our expertise in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud, legacy system upgrades, infrastructure, BPO, Mobile Network Management, agile technology etc. We are the partners of choice for organizations who are looking to re-allocate technology spends across traditional and business driven IT, and bring efficiency, agility and scalability within the existing technology landscape. We are also helping with rapid adoption of new technologies.

LATAM has been a key market for Wipro since 2007, when we started our operations in the region with a strategic delivery center in Monterrey, Mexico. Today, we have a strong presence in LATAM through multiple offices, more than 300 employees, localized teams and engagements with some of the top-tier organizations.

Our Presence:

  • Sales offices in Mexico DF (Mexico), Bogota (Colombia), Santiago (Chile)
  • Development Centers in Monterrey, Guadalajara & Cuautitlan (Mexico ), Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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