In this fast-changing environment, successful companies need to stay ahead of industry trends and respond to market changes quickly and efficiently. Just like in business across sectors, the need of the hour is to be flexible and innovative. The enterprises need to actively look at ways to keep their business agile. To move ahead and remain competitive in this ever changing business world, companies need access to the real time and right information constantly so that their business operations can respond quickly to changes in marketplace and anticipate the upcoming challenges.

In these tough conditions business agility solutions like Cloud, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Application Programming Interface (API) provides internal readiness to respond to change, along with finding new avenues of doing business in a better way. It helps bring about rapid improvement and innovation of business processes and helps meet strategic directives quickly and intelligently.

The Journal discusses the applicability of Business agility solutions (from integration perspective) in four industries – Retail, Telecom, Energy & Utilities and Payments (Banking).

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Retail Store

Energy & Utilities


The research & analysis presented here would help an organization assess its readiness to implement SOA based integration programs which have the potential to seamlessly integrate.