Asset Operations Real Time Analytics

Water Utilities need to have in place proper physical infrastructure and also an efficient and robust IT system that can capture real-time high-frequency intervals data. These IT systems should be able to instantaneously process and identify low pressure regions, trunk bursts or network leakages and create alarms for immediate action. Organizations need advanced systems that can provide analytics and also predict future events based on present and historic data as well as send messages to service engineers and customers alike.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's solution offers a central repository for time-series data historian for clean water, waste water, AMR, sub-metering and energy meters.

It is also used for:

  • Network Modelling
  • Leakage Targeting
  • Low Pressure Incident Reporting
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Risk Assessment

The key benefits of our solution are:

  • Consolidated view of the 20-year data - enabling quicker decision support across water production, energy and chemical usage
  • 10 years forecasting for chemical usage and filtration
  • Ability for demand forecasting, production planning and preventive maintenance