Asset Investment Strategy to Address Ageing Infrastructure

The Water and Wastewater network infrastructure is more than 100 years old in many parts of the world and is subjected to rapid deterioration driven by a number of environmental and operational factors. Competing priorities in investment plans pose a key challenge to Water and Wastewater companies seeking ways to target a limited set of assets for investment and looking for ways to extend the life cycle of existing assets. Organizations need technology enablers like predictive analytics, augmented reality and Big Data to be able to predict asset failures and get accurate asset information.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you balance risks and costs by:

  • Efficient forecasting of asset condition, resulting in planning of work on the assets and the effective use of workforce, leading to reduced operating costs
  • Providing early information on any abnormalities in the Water network to drive timely actions, reducing leakages
  • Improving operational efficiencies and environmental performance through prevention, detection and control of service or water supply-related events in real time

Our key solutions are:

  • Water Asset Maintenance Predictive Analytics Model: Work forecasting tools based on historic data of over 10 years
  • Event Management & Situational Intelligence: Multi-source intelligence solution connecting to internal and external data sources
  • Water Asset Information Quality Management Solution: Asset data quality assessment tool with recommendations for data quality improvements