Transmission & Distribution

The challenges in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector present new opportunities for growth. The business and infrastructure environment here is growing in complexity. There is pressure on ageing assets to deliver more power, gas and water. Regulators expect Utilities to demonstrate effective asset stewardship with respect to critical infrastructure while ensuring reliability, safety and cost effectiveness.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's domain and technology expertise enables us to service complex programs such as Business Transformations with People, Process and Systems changes as the key components. A substantial part of our offerings that deliver improvements to the business include:

  • Implementation of new business processes and functionality
  • Enhancements of existing business processes and systems
  • Improvements to data and transactional integration between systems (in the Information Technology and Operational Technology spaces)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data quality improvement projects
  • Internet facing end-customer portals
  • Real-time Business Process & KPI monitoring
  • System usability improvements
  • Statutory/Regulatory changes to processes and systems

Transmission & Distribution: Capabilities, Solutions & Services

We support Utilities in regulatory driven, industry shaping initiatives such as deregulation, mergers and demergers, T&D unbundling, distribution network sales and fundamental changes to the regulatory framework.

Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise Work and Asset Management: Platform-based solutions for the water, gas and electricity Transmission & Distribution.
  • WiCMAU : Wipro's Capability Maturity Assessment Model for Utilities that addresses Enterprise Asset Management Business function.
  • Asset Data Quality Solution: Comprehensive solution to improve and sustain asset data quality for T&D Utilities.
  • Business Intelligence for EAM (BEAM): CA Packaged Performance Management Solution with a rich KPI library, industry standard data model and pre-built dashboards.
  • Framework for Energy Audit and Loss Reduction: Solution framework to conduct energy audits from the company to distribution transformer levels and calculate technical and commercial energy loss at any level.
  • Network Monitoring and Control Solutions: Services for integration and managed services of CNI SCADA, Distribution Management and Energy management solutions.
  • Maximo Managed Service: Managed service solution framework for Maximo EAM.
  • EAM-OSI PI Integration: Integration of EAM with OSI PI systems for real-time measurements for asset condition monitoring.
  • IS Integration for Utility M&A: Solution framework for integration strategies after M&A in Utilities.