The demand for clean energy continues to grow as the impact of climate change is felt across the globe. Alternate energy has emerged as a viable answer and will dominate the energy business in the future. Technological innovation will continue to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of renewable sources of energy. As new energy technologies get commercialized, the emphasis on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and quality will gain increased traction.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps Utilities businesses stay ahead of the renewable trend with green plants and technologies that dominate the 21st century.

  • Wipro's Renewables practice focuses specifically on Utility grade plants. Its objective is to bring in process best practices, technological expertise and innovative solutions to help renewable plants integrate with the market ecosystem and reduce operational costs
  • We believe that the management of green plants has already reached a level of maturity and help incorporate core processes around maintenance, forecasting, scheduling, trading and data reporting

Solutions and Capabilities:

Solution for Remote Monitoring: We offer a monitoring and control solution for operations management from a remote location. The solution allows real-time visibility to plant performance, production and maintenance requirements. It can be integrated with back-end systems that manage maintenance, inventory and analysis to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution.

SaaS solution for Solar: An integrated solution for cloud with a "pay as you go" model and an ability to scale. The solution roadmap includes core functionalities and additional features to improve business efficiency.

Work and Asset Management for Utility Grade Farms: A solution to improve plant performance where SCADA/monitoring are already in place. It involves asset performance estimation, proactive and reactive maintenance etc. and maximizes asset utilization.

Processes to Support Renewable PPAs in the US market: The solution caters to the need of managing highly diverse PPA contracts and Renewable Certificates in the US market in an organized manner, promoting scalability.