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Electricity and Gas Utility Solutions

Changing regulations, increasing demands, disaster management, call for better services and emerging market forces impacting the global utility landscape necessitate proactive business transformations in the Electricity & Gas sectors. Moreover, the diverse utility requirements demand a multi-pronged technique towards transformation; a competent and compatible value-driven approach that will deliver sustained results.

Wipro’s Electricity and Gas Utilities Practice has domain capabilities and Centers of Excellence in Generation & Renewables, Transmission & Distribution, Utility Retail, Smart Grid Technologies, Energy Trading & Risk Management, Health, Safety, Security & Environment, and enterprise functions such as Finance, Operations, Supply Chain and Human Resources.

We offer a 360-degree service portfolio, covering IT consulting, IT infrastructure management, business process outsourcing & development, implementation & support for business, and package & custom applications.

Some of our innovative domain solutions and business transformation accelerators for Electricity and Gas Utilities are:

Generation & Renewable
  • Template solution for work and asset management that streamlines processes and incorporates global best practices, significantly improving implementation time, project costs and risks.
  • Power Plant Dashboard Solution (PPDS) for performance monitoring of plants across various business functions through industry standard KPI.
  • Solutions for renewable generation, including remote monitoring of solar and wind plants, work and asset management for utility-grade renewable plants and substation monitoring and control.
Transmission & Distribution
  • Business Intelligence in Enterprise Asset Management (BEAM), an innovative Enterprise Asset Management reporting solution that conforms to the latest industry standards.
  • SAP Distribution Template enabled by Distribution Process Model with a lean-process view.
  • Asset Data Quality Library – An up-to-date, comprehensive library of rules to help discover, cleanse and maintain asset data quality.
Smart Metering and Smart Grid Technologies
  • Strategy and Roadmap development, and end-to-end System Integration solutions for Smart Rollouts
  • Integrated IT/OT architecture solutions that address performance, reliability, security and provide insights by leveraging big data
  • Smart Retail Transformation solutions that improve sales, reduce leaks and losses, and enhance the overall customer experience
  • Smart Solutions for Distribution businesses to manage distributed generation, grid performance, DSM/DR, outage management and outage restoration
Utilities Retail
  • Business Process Maps with Blueprint Template that accelerates the blueprint phase of transformation initiatives with considerable reduction of business user involvement
  • Performance Assessment Framework that enables business process-based performance assessment and recommendations
  • Business Dashboards to monitor process and data quality and highlight potential issues in advance
Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Remote Application Monitoring, Maintenance & Support Solutions that perform health checks of critical systems and processes during and after trading.
  • Electricity Price Forecasting Model for Day-Ahead Market that helps traders, exchanges and clearing houses forecast price for the next day, where a normal distribution will not fit well
Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Competency Risk Management Solution that offers an objective means of managing composite workforce risks by evaluating competencies of employees before they are assigned to responsible tasks.
  • Eco-Financial Risk Management Solution that gathers environmental and spatial data in an analytical framework to determine the relative risk of assets based on user specified parameters.

With over 13 years of partnerships with global Electricity and Gas Utility clients, and strong alliances with leading product vendors, we bring to you expertise and experience that helps you achieve your business objectives and do business better. ​​​​​​​

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