Vessel Operations / Agency Operations

Vessel Operations Management is an integral part of the marine logistics eco system. From berth planning to arranging for tugs, documentation management, bunkering, supplies, stevedoring support to freight collection, a whole range of activities are supported by marine agencies. But the IT needs of Container Shipping organizations differ from that of the ‘principal’. One of the key challenges Container Shipping organizations face is supporting port calls of different ‘principals’ across varying agency agreements and service levels.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps Container Shipping organizations bring principals and port agents onto one platform. We help you in the following areas:

  • Freight Rates Management
  • Booking and Inventory Management
  • Dynamic Route Generation
  • Freight Documentation and Execution
  • Cargo Origin and Destination Revenue Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our industry knowledge combined with our advanced business analytics and process management tools, help you achieve:

  • Increased profitability with real-time collaboration and control over pricing decisions
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions
  • Increased delivery as promised
  • Optimized shipment routes