For many of today’s Shipping organizations, the economy and often outmoded systems is putting a strain on operations. Container Shipping organizations face a number of challenges to remain competitive and profitable. There is a greater need for inbound and outbound freight visibility and control on a global basis. Ongoing revenue leakage resulting from limited accuracy on pricing and capacity also poses a challenge. Managing continuous demand for IT requirements, manual processes and outdated/ legacy systems that lead to weak customer response times/customer service and hardcoded rules and work flows in disparate systems make it time consuming and expensive to react to changes in the business environment.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro not only helps you improve the service offered but also introduces a greater level of visibility that enables better decision making, higher margins and increased profitability by:

  • Automating your sales and customer service functions
  • Addressing capacity planning and execution
  • Seeking out revenue optimization
  • Benefits

    • Information visibility at every point of shipment life cycle from order taking to post-delivery-revenue, costs and contribution leading to better decisions
    • Business process automation, real-time collaboration and rule enforcements to prevent revenue leakages, reduce costs/claims and enhance contribution
    • Analytics employing tools that help maximize asset utilization through forecasting and systematic planning tied to real-time execution

    Areas Covered

    • Freight Rates Management
    • Booking and Inventory Management
    • Dynamic Route Generation
    • Freight Documentation and Execution
    • Cargo Origin and Destination Revenue Management
    • Analytics and Reporting