Rail Roads

Increased volatility, global reach and growing interconnectedness have customers demanding higher levels of consistency and scale from their freight and logistics services. Freight Rail organizations target their investments to increase competitiveness, meet the growing demand for freight services and higher expectations for more efficient and responsive service.

If executed well, technology-enabled business solutions can be of strategic advantage that can help Rail organizations make the most of this opportunity, and gain maximum value from underused assets such as operating data.

How Wipro Helps

With technology-enabled solutions, Rail organizations can secure their place as a mode of choice in the freight transportation industry. Wipro uses its knowledge of the freight Rail industry and business processes, combined with our service expertise and insights, to help you address each challenge individually and to improve margins and stay flexible. We do this by:

  • Standardizing across the enterprise
  • Exploiting data by using analytics to improve resource efficiency
  • Implementing demand driven supply chains
  • Employing mobile solutions to increase productivity

We help leading Rail Road operators in the areas of Application Development, COTS implementation, Managed Application Services, Infrastructure Hosting, Managed Infrastructure Services and Testing Services. We also help in the following areas:

  • Asset Tracking & Management / Visibility Solutions / Linear Asset Management
  • Reservations
  • Rail Car Management / Scheduling
  • Yard Management
  • Inter-modal Solutions
  • Cargo Management
  • Crew and Fleet Management